Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changing Your Dog's Bad Habits

Dogs have bad habits. People have bad habits. Only one way to change that, practice a new habit. Problem is with dogs, they don't even get that its a bad habit!

Many dog owners have irritation over a bad habit but don't really know what to do to change it. And if you've ever tried and had no result it gets even more irritating, yet the idea of fixing it gets to be further in the back of your mind as one of those things that just can't be dealt with.

Join us for our live web broadcast tonight on "Changing your Dog's Bad Habits" with Jt Clough of K9 Coach & Robin MacFarlane of That's My Dog. Since dogs don't think like humans or learn like humans coming and finding out how to communicate so they "get it" better could be the best thing you do for yourself today... this week, or maybe even this month.

We'll even answer your dog training questions live!

You can find our dog training web broadcast at (click on the paw for the screen to pop up) We'll be on at 5 pm pst, 7 pm cst, 8 pm est.

At K9 Coach here in San Diego we have exclusive dog training boot camps available for dogs with bad habits or who just need obedience. We also have an online dog training program done with That's My Dog of Wisconsin available for those who want the private dog training class to come right to your home no matter where you are, what time it is, or what kind of dog you have.

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