Friday, February 13, 2009

Do’s & Don’t z For Valentine’s Day And Your Dog

It’s the big warm fuzzy day .... Valentine’s Day. And because it such a warm fuzzy day and dogs have become such a part of our families they are becoming part of our Valentine Day celebrations as well. Especially since our dogs are so easy to love.

Chocolate and Valentines Day seem to go hand and hand. But chocolate is a no no for the your best friend with paws. So make sure to keep it out of reach. Don’t leave it sitting on the coffee table where you opened it, on the kitchen counter where your dog can stretch and reach it, and don’t give it to your dog as a little treat!

Should your dog get a hold of it, best thing to do is... get to the vet. Period.

Next on the list, cut flowers. Doesn’t matter if you are chick or a dude... we love to get fresh flowers and Valentines Day is big on it. Once again though, it might not be such a great thing for your dog. Though the intent was not to have the dog eat the flowers, (and we can talk about some basic training to avoid this later) sometimes it does happen.

So again, keep the fabulous flower arrangement out of reach of the dog. Some flowers are actually toxic to dogs. And some are just harmful for the digestive system. Most roses have been de-thorned but not always. Should your dog get a hold of the roses and herk down the whole thing.... the thorns can be not only painful but could do damage to the stomach lining or intestines.

Valentines flowers have branched out from just roses so a few other flowers that can be down right toxic to dogs are gladiolas, daffodils, foxglove, jessamine, hyacinth, jasmine, narcissus, and tulips. This is not a complete list so should your dog get a hold of the flowers and starts showing symptoms again get to your vet quickly.

Minor symptoms are upset stomach, lethargy, mouth irritation, and skin irritation. These may not need the full on vet visit but you should be aware of it and take measures should these symptoms get worse.

More severe symptoms are liver failure, shock, seizures, severe diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, and hallucinations. These require the assistance of your vet right away.

The do’s for your dog. Get them cool dog treats made for dogs. Toys that can’t be torn apart and digested. I tend to shy away from stuffed animals simply because many dogs to shred them for the squeaky but eat the stuffing along the way... like my labrador retriever! If you are making a special dinner for your loved one, throw on a chicken breast and cut it up for a great special Valentine treat for your dog. That will produce big wags I guarantee it.

Even better, your dog will love a nice outing. Go for a nice walk with your Sweetie and your best friend dog. The outdoors, fresh air, nice conversation and big wag can be an invaluable gift for everyone.

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