Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Dog Tips, Tricks & Hazards

 Enjoy your holiday weekend.  It is a time to celebrate life.  Get out and get some fresh air.  Take the dog.

Easter Dog Tips, Tricks & Hazards

Have a Joyful Easter! There is a voice in the Universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great Earth. This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us Wayne Dyer.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

House Training Dogs & Potty Training Puppies

How to Start the House and Potty Training Process

The holidays on occasion brings a new dog or puppy into our lives and is in fact a present that keeps on giving all year round. This gift is one that comes back to you with a joyful part of your life filled with a lot of wags.

Potty training or house training is an integral part of your relationship with your dog right from the get go.  It does establish that you are the leader and you are setting the rules.  It also builds a great relationship simply out the time you will spend with your dog while doing the initial training.

The first and and most important step to successful potty training is do not react ever to your dog if you did not catch the accident in the moment it was happening.

Lets face it, if you have a new puppy or dog setting the rules is something you have to do repetitiously until it becomes a habit.

Dogs think in the moment.  If you get mad when you walked around the corner and saw the nice dark piddle mark in the middle of your favorite rug and started yelling at the dog... 
but in that instant your dog has walked up behind you and was quietly starting into a sit... 
your dog thinks you just got mad for that.... 

the sitting at your feet.... 
not the pee all over the rug thats quickly turning to the unpleasant urine smell.

Ignore the dog.  And go about cleaning the area.  This is ultimately the most important thing you must do to move your dog on to a perfectly house trained dog.

The WAY you clean the urine is just as important as the timing you will learn in this 7 part series on how to house and potty train your dog. 

Urine has an enzyme in it that remains in your carpet or floors if you were to just soak it up, spray some cleaner on it, soak it some more, and let it dry.  Which is the common method of cleaning up the mistake.

Removing the urine enzyme is the most important part of the potty training process.

How To Remove Urine
6 Easy Steps for a Proven Method of
Urine Removal. Freedom is Possible!

Planet Urine - Do you want to stop your pet from peeing?

Click the link below to follow the 7 part series on how to potty and house train your dog.
Dog Training For Urban Living
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Friday, January 8, 2010

San Diego Dog Friendly Events - Geocaching

A well trained dog in San Diego is easier to attain than many locations around the country simply because there are so many dog friendly events you can around the city.  As a professional dog trainer, my main message to people when they need help with an unruly dog:  Don’t focus on obedience only.  Focus on attention and activity. 

It makes it more fun for you and your dog puts a paw up quickly for this program.

When you are busy with your own career, household and family coming up with new ideas might not be on your radar.  Not to fear.  Click to to subscribe at the bottom of this article and you’ll get updates on new fun things to do with your dog, your family and your friends all around San Diego County.
Dog Training For Urban Living

This week think about Geocaching.  It will get you out to a cool new place you most likely haven’t been in San Diego.  It’s an event you can take you dog on and the more you get out with your dog, the easier the idea of training will come.

Find out more:  Geocaching

More San Diego Dog Friendly Events

San Diego Dog Training Camps & Private Coaching

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

If you think the family dog is just hanging out for the free ride, think again after this story.  Link below.

Our dogs provide the wag of our day without even realizing it.  For many, the best friend that is always there for them may not even be recognized but when it comes right down to it the truth of the matter is you can rely on your dog for many things.

Your dog can go so far as to save your life like the boy in the story, or be your best training partner ever.  Those who are dog owners tend to get a little more out of getting outside and getting active and the cool events that are available to with your dog these days are creating an even better bond.

Read the full heart warming story of a boy and his dog below:

Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

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Canine Cross Training Programs:  Health and Fitness Programs for You and Your Dog

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dog Santa Photos - Cocktails and Canines

Dog photos with Santa - cocktails and canines

Dog people love dog presents.  Dog people love to buy presents for their own dogs and they love to get dog presents from their friends!  Click on the link above and find out about Canines and Cocktails, get your dog's photo with Santa and much more cool dog stuff available!

DNA Breed Identification 
Potty Training

Christmas and New Year's celebrations are coming soon and you still have time to clean up before your guests arrive. You and I both know that pee, poop and vomit happens!

Planet Urine - Pet Stains and Odors Out

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Dog News - Tips from The Dog Trainer

It's Halloween day... parties galore. For people and many dog lovers the festivities include the entire family... dog and all!

Here are some great tips in The Week in WORST (Halloween Edition)

Enjoy your holiday and remember you are training your dog all the's just a matter of what you are training for!  

Go Train Your Dog....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baxter World’s Oldest Therapy Dog Passes On

Oh My Dog Supplies

The story of Baxter is one that warms the hearts of even non dog lovers. Baxter was a 19 year old hospice therapy dog that brought so much light to the world it would be an impossible thing to measure. He was a special dog that started out as rescue dog and found a job and family that was an absolute dream of the best dog life ever.

Read the full story here:
Tribute to Baxter the World’s Oldest Hospice Therapy Dog

After watching the video included in this story it can’t help but make everyone want to give a little more to make those around you enjoy every day we are here.

The joy that dogs bring us is the unconditional love factor. It’s easy to overlook sometimes because its always there. No matter the day, the weather, the economic climate, your health or wealth, the family dog is wagging and happy to see you. Every single day.

Take a few moments to enjoy our life and all of those who contribute. Go out for a walk with the dog and take in some fresh air and the peace spending a little time with your faithful friend the dog gives.

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