Monday, July 27, 2009

Dogs Rule; Or Should the Dog Have Rules?

Sometimes we go along in life without realizing that what has become normal on a daily basis around us, drives most other people crazy. Or at least it really bugs them!

As a dog trainer I have several people come to me who have been on their own, then found a relationship and the dog is coming along with one or the other or both people. What was acceptable behavior for the dog when there was one of you many times simply does not work when there are two or more of you in the household.

What better time to get some help with dog training considering it is a great thing to work on together. When it comes to the dog, finding some common ground for training can establish great communication tools for the whole family. It can come down to the way you look at it as this article Dog Behavior: Are You Managing or Training? suggests.

A perfect example is Molly who came to camp without a lot of direction in her life. Due to circumstances she had become the dog that just sort of hung out while everyone did what they needed to do. During that time she developed some of her own entertainment like getting into the garbage and using it to redecorate the house. Jumping up for a little attention at just the moment you’ve come out of the kitchen with your morning cup of coffee in your hand.

Her social habits had grown to be hard to handle for simple things like going out on a walk. The leash thing was just not something she “got” and because of it, the walk became not so fun for anyone. The natural course of action becomes hang out and wait for an opportunity to knock the garbage can over.

The great news is, Molly is on a new course of action now. She’s come to dog training camp where she has learned that the right kind attention is when she is doing things with good dog direction. Exercise has helped her immensely. Walking on a leash doesn’t have to be a scary thing and Molly is very stoked about it now.

So what do you do if you have a dog that displays this kind of behavior? How can you help everyone to take steps in the right direction? Start with two things. Come and sit. If you are frustrated with your dog’s behavior start thinking about getting a really strong “sit” for everything first.

Sounds basic I know, but in the redirection process its always better to build a very simple base first, then move to more complex actions. Walking on a leash is really built off of come and sit. A process we teach in our dog training camps, private lessons, and our online dog training programs.

Already, Molly has turned around from a dog without direction to a dog that is really happy. The exercise, knowing what to do in the house, and how to greet people brings a sense of content to both Molly and her people.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dog Behavior: Are You Managing or Training?

The days of summer are flying by... don't miss out on all the fun things you can get out and do with your dog here in San Diego.

Many times the deciding factor is how difficult it is to go on an outing and take your dog. Though it sounds ridiculously basic, to get out and have some fun good habits of behavior with your dog start in your own home. It really is about what you practice.

With just a few basics you can be on your way. K9 Coach has committed to a series of articles for those in San Diego with dogs that need a bit of help with dog training so you can train your dog at home and while you are out and about enjoying the great dog friendly places here.

Read this article: Dog Behavior: Are You Managing or Training? for ideas on how to break the cycle of behavior that drives you crazy and start enjoying your dog.

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Now go train your dog while you are doing all the cool stuff you want to do in the sun of San Diego.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Come & Sit. San Diego Dog Training Camp - Rhodesian Ridgeback/Black Lab

What do you do with an 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback Black Lab mix?

First have a lot of fun knowing that this dog wants to go everywhere with you. Anything outdoors, trails, chasing a ball, to the beach, hang out at a dog friendly restaurant, visit a friends house, or just chill at home watching TV. This dog wants to truly be man’s best friend.

The only thing is without some dog training in place, an 8 month old, 70 lbs bundle of energy like this can knock everything over in tail radius and start having your friends add the disclaimer “no dogs”, to the invite. Training your dog just two things can change everything and only for the good.

Come and sit. Its really that simple. Well ok, it takes some practice and it takes understanding of how a dog thinks and learns. And here’s a big tip. Its much different than the way humans learn.

Naiyah has come to dog training camp so she could in fact go do all the fun things out there a dog can possibly do. Her owner being an outdoors type of person, who also takes his dog to as many dog friendly places as he can find in San Diego wanted to get on it while she was a puppy because of her size and so he could get out and have as much fun as possible with her.

Though come and sit can get you a long way with your dog, Naiyah already is walking on a leash nicely, not jumping on people, and coming when called off leash. Its going to give her huge freedom and she’s so much fun to hang out with.

If you are working on training your dog at home remember to make it as simple as possible and follow through. Start with sit for every thing. Sit can mean not jumping on people. It can mean stay. It can mean not running out the open door. Repetition and follow through and you are on your way to a super cool dog.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pocket Beagle San Diego Puppy Training Camp - Come When Called

The most important thing you can teach any dog, big or small, is to come when called.


Come here.

Come on’.


Let’s go.

Whatever you want to label it, the most important thing you can teach your dog is to come to you when called.

Honestly, when you really think about it, you would be able to call your dog “well trained” if no matter what distraction is going on, when you said, “Godiva, come here.” and sure enough, your dog with flopping ears, and trotting paws headed in your direction, away from the barking dog across the street...

Away from food.

Away from the neighbor’s cat.

Away from your shoe....

Training your dog to come to you every time is really about repetition. Repetition and follow through... every time. Consistency. Its a good thing to practice with your dog and its a good thing for you too.

It’s much more fun when your dog comes to you every time.

Godiva the Pocket Beagle is here for her basic puppy obedience training camp and she’s not only learning how to listen, but getting to do some real cool things along the way in her training.

Her agenda for tomorrow.... she’s heading out to Wags for Wishes.... watch other dogs play agility, flyball, disc dog, Rally-O.. and since she is a working breed... we’ll be checking out some cool thing she can learn to do for her way cool Southern California job.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July San Diego Dog Activities

Summer is in full swing and here in San Diego there are tons of outdoor activities for those with dogs to enjoy. With summer comes the 4th of July, and though it is a great day to be outdoors with friends, family and the dog, the fireworks finale at the end of the day is a better place for people to enjoy than dogs.

Our clients at K9 Coach have a private online training website as part of there dog training camp or private lessons. This year I've written some articles about the 4th of July and what to do with a dog that is fearful of fireworks as well as activities that are dog friendly during this summer time holiday.

Its such a great holiday to get out and enjoy that I want to share two articles available for anyone with a dog to make this 4th of July safe and fun for the whole family including the dog. Please feel free to make a comment and tell K9 Coach about your dog, things you like to do around the San Diego area as well as how your dog handled the fireworks this year on these articles:

Things To Do With Your Dog on the 4th of July

Fireworks, Your Dog & the 4th of July

Have a great holiday with your dog!

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