Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chula Vista Boxers, Dog Training Camp & Becoming Good Dogs!

The most important thing in a dogs training life: Recall. Recall. Recall.

What does that mean to our San Diego Dog Training Campers? The thing that we work on first is how to come when called, with leash, without leash, with no distraction, or with a lot of distraction.

Having a dog well trained means you can go a lot of places and do a lot of things with your dog. Cypress, a 5 year old Boxer who comes from Chula Vista has gone from doing whatever he pleased once he was out the gate, to coming when called in all kinds of distraction. And he’s done this without only doing it because there was a big ol’ piece of steak to lure him back!

It’s amazing but you can actually teach a dog what action goes with a word. For instance “come” means “move towards me until you get to me”!! It’s about consistency and how to help you dog see the picture in the beginning.

People get that confused with the lure of food. Luring with food alone is great for a beginning help process, it’s great for a reward but if it’s the ONLY thing your dog comes for... your pretty much in big doo doo when you REALLY need your dog to come to you and you don’t have a juicy treat in your hand!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Viszla Mix joins Rhodesian Ridgeback At Dog Training Camp San Diego

Ya gotta love Rosie. No other way to look at her, ya just gotta love her. Brody, the Rhodesian Ridgeback came to camp last week and when Brody’s mom told her brother about it, he thought “what a great thing to have Rosie (his dog) trained at the same time”.

As it turns out it is a really great thing. Rosie started a few days behind Brody but she has her things she is already doing spectacularly! This Viszla mix has different dog problems than Brody has, but training side by side each of their “deals” can be addressed. And since as a family they tend to hang together a lot anyway, all will be well for both of them.

Brody is a boisterous boy... Rosie a timid little girl. Rosie was a rescue dog... and who knows why she is the way she is but no time to speculate. Instead at her exclusive San Diego Dog Training Camp, complete with her own bed in the house, backyard pool, large yard, and plenty of trails nearby; she is getting new skills to deal with her tendency to break down in the shakes with the look of “oh my, I’m afraid and don’t know what to do” behavior.

It’s about building confidence and to do that we work on some basic obedience to take her through those times when life gets a little scary for her. Even though Rosie has an owner who has been very good about working with her on obedience skills before, she now is being taught how to integrate how to do things in a more relaxed state when she feels like the world has become a bit of a scary place for her.

Obedience is key, exercise is key, and having a dog be able to know what to do, even if its a simple sit in the face of huge distraction, or something that for whatever reason has become scary for her, brings a dog like Rosie the confidence to handle those things she melted about before.

As a general rule, dogs pick up on energy before they pick up on anything else. If there is one big huge tip I could anyone who has a dog that does the meltdown for no apparent reason, it would be to learn to relax and teach your dog to do the same.

Yeah, yeah, easier said than done. And even though we think we do that (relax), next time your dog either gets too excited or or appears to be scared, realize how tense you are in trying to get your dog to stop.

More on those skills in future blog posts... for now... no matter what your dog’s personality, think about what sort of energy you are putting out there by looking at how your dog is acting. To change any behavior start with slowing down, letting the situation not become so stressful, and letting everyone including your dog relax and settle into knowing what to do.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

San Diego Dog Training Camper Gets Big Paws Up

Why would you want to send your dog to camp rather than try and train the family dog yourself? Ask this family and they’ll tell you exactly why.

Omar is an active dog and so is his family, but to their dismay after many months of training on their own they couldn’t go out on trails, to the beach or any of the fun outdoor dog friendly places here in San Diego without hanging onto his leash, tightly! And getting enough exercise for a dog like Omar while being “restrained” on a leash because he would take off if you let go of the leash was really a counter productive feeling.

Being a one year old puppy, Omar needed to get to a place he could be a dog, yet have the training to come back when called, not pull on the leash to the point shoulder pain was a problem, and stop stealing things and playing keep away if he wanted to have a real life. After months of attempted training, the family decided camp was the answer. And wow, were they right.

Omar went home yesterday, and as his trainer I was sad to see him go because he was so fun to train. He just needed the right communication and days in a row to follow through with that communication. He got it. And his family is soooo happy.

The day they reunited we all went out on a trail... and when Omar go the “go on” to run free, then came back right away when called his family was overjoyed. They absolutely couldn’t believe it when he came back even with the distraction of birds and rabbits came along... his favorite to chase. The overjoyed feeling turned into pure amazement.

Omar rocked. Cool dog. A Curly Coated Retriever with a purpose. He’s now the dog everyone wants. It’s a great feeling.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rhodesian Ridgeback Comes to Dog Training Camp

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are dogs that come from hunting roots. They come from Africa and were bred to hunt everything from lions to small furry running things but these days they are more likely to hunt for a spot on you couch than anything else.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is very intelligent, gentle, yet quite independent. This combination can be endearing, entertaining, a loyal friend, stubborn, and frustrating all at the same time. Early training is the best way to bring out the endearing side and minimize the frustrating part.

Brody fits the traits of most Ridgebacks in that he is an exuberant and active puppy. The good news is he will mature into a quiet dog who will need moderate exercise to keep him fit, and mentally stimulated.

Early socialization is important for any puppy, and Brody has done well with this. In fact, he LOVES other dogs and displays his “exuberance” when he sees another dog heading in that direction with such excitement the arm at the other end of the leash could quite possibly end up dislocated!

K9 Coach San Diego Dog Training Camp for Brody turns out to be just what he needed. He’s in his first few days and has been doing well on the leash when there is no other dogs around. He has come a long with distractions that normally would cause his focus to go haywire. Other dogs and puppies, well, he just loses control and is in the beginning stages of getting how to stay calm and on task when he sees them. He’ll master this with his intelligence and the help of a consistent training program.

The first step for any dog in this area is to teach him how to be calm. To do that you need to remain calm yourself. Dogs do pick up on energy before they pick up on anything else and if you find yourself wound up about your dog losing control when seeing another dog, for sure it’s going to happen.

The next step is to work on keeping your dog focused. Brody is starting to realize that his job is to pay attention to me. Lots of practice on sit. Lots of practice on “lets go” while in movement. We do that over and over with little distraction, then practice the same behavior with distraction.

More on how Brody is doing later in the week. In the meantime the practice of being calm in every situation, especially when you are trying to get your dog to be calm can take your dog’s training a long way, and your emotional state to an incredible place.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

It’s a Beachin Dog Training Camp

Omar, the Curly Coated Retriever is still in his first week of the San Diego Dog Training Camp as you see him here. Hmmm... the perfect setting for training. Trails and the beach. A little swimming, a little hiking. Not bad for a day of learning to be a good dog.

If you have been following Omar’s story, he was one to have freedom of the open space in Ramona not be open to him. For one simple reason.... actually more than one, but the point is... he couldn’t have the freedom of a dog to run off leash, enjoy the trails and the nightly run his owner takes him on because he’d take off in wild abandon.

The chase game seems cute the very first time, and then guess what? ... No longer cute. A real pain actually. So there this rambunctious Curly Coated Retriever was, tethered to an overextended arm that spent most of an outing with him just trying to hang on!

Dogs Are Easily Distracted

Really? Probably what every dog owner out there is thinking while reading that statement!

How did Omar start coming so quickly even an area like Del Mar Dog Beach with other dogs, balls, water, and people with treats around? It really started as simple as getting him to come to me every time without any distraction around. He started in the back yard. He sits. I get a little ways away from him. I call him to him. He comes. Over and over and over again. When he gets that, move further away. When he gets that add a bit of distraction. When he gets that add more distraction. Over and over again! Get it! Good Dog!

People tell me that if their dog would just come to them they could go a lot more places.

As with everything, we tend to try and make everything more difficult than it needs to be. Start with the steps above, and make it that simple. Too much distraction with anything that isn’t well practiced makes all of us fall off focus. Focus on the simplest way to get it done, then practice more distraction from there.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Dog Inspirational Quotes

They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal.

Tom Hayden
From San Diego Dog Training

This quote inspired me to think "in these economic times" how important it is to focus on the good in our lives. When we focus there, everything else gets better.

Dogs bring smiles (especially well behaved trained dogs), but no matter what kind of dog or how well trained, that wag, wag, wag, at the door after returning from anywhere breaks the tension, and lets our faces turn to a smile.

This week, seek some adventure with your dog. Take your dog out to a local trail, play frisbee at a park, or take a moment to sit and enjoy the fun your dog can create out of a simple round ball!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Your Dog Can Help You Quit Smoking

From Dog Blog Web Training
Its a fact that there is a lot of “news” out there these days. And it seems that not so much of it is encouraging these days. Doesn’t matter if you are listening to the local nightly news or NPR; things seem to be discouraging. So I’ve taken it upon myself to find cool news about dogs to give everyone a break from the down feeling that has been going around, and let us all wag a little more.

Here was a story I find with some scientific study behind it to give a positive on daily practices.

Did you know that your dog can help you stop smoking?

In an unrelated study, in fact more of a survey, it was found that most dog owners would rather be stranded with their dog, then another person. With that fact in mind it makes sense that finding out if you smoke it can effect your dog’s health made a big difference in the decision to stop smoking or not.

This year the journal “Tobacco Control” published a study that showed dog owners would rather give up smoking for their dog’s health rather than their own! Wow! Kinda cool in a way... for us dog owners to think about anyway.

The study which included 3,300 participants showed that one in five would ban smoking from their homes due to the fact that second hand smoke was a danger to their dog’s health. 28.4 % said that they would give up smoking and join the non smokers side knowing that it was harmful to their dog’s health.

Dogs exposed to 2nd hand smoke can have health problems associated with it such as nasal, and lung cancers, eye and skin diseases, and respiratory problems among other conditions. Evidence published shows that second hand tobacco smoke can be as dangerous for dogs as it is for the non-smoking partners of smokers, a fact that few smokers realize. And considering a dog’s life is much shorter than the owner’s, the effect can be much more quickly realized.

So, for the love of your dog, get motivated to get healthy yourself and stop smoking!

K9 Coach promotes healthy dog food, exercise, & the right communication for good dog training and as it turns out, good people training too!

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

How A Vizsla’s Dog Training Camp Worked Out So Well in San Diego

Vizsla’s have become popular dogs lately. I see more and more of them and have certainly trained a lot of them. Yesterday on an outing to Del Mar Dog Beach I was amazed at how many Vizsla’s I saw out there. Vizsla’s need tons of exercise so I was of course happy to see them out romping in the surf and sand and spinning out some of the extra energy these dogs seem to have.

I’ve had the opportunity to train several Vizsla’s in my dog training camps based in San Diego and Temecula, CA. The cool thing for me is I get notes like this one all the time from dog owners after sending their dog with some bad habits to camp and getting one back that is the dream dog they had hoped for. This one was fun for me since I am an active person and tend to be very active with my own dogs & I just love Clyde.

“Brad has a calf injury and can't run.  The cool thing is that he can now mountain bike with Clyde.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing the results of your training!   
Thanks again,

From Blogger Pictures

Being the owner of a Weimaraner these breeds are dear to my heart... German Short Haired Pointers, Vizsla’s... that whole scene. They are breeds who do well with dog obedience and in fact don’t do so well without it, and ALOT of exercise.

Training Clyde was a blast. Living in San Diego people tend to be active like myself, Jt Clough a 9 time Ironman finisher. Active dog owners want to be able to go out and do all the fun things with them. Unfortunately, sometimes lack of obedience limits the amount your dog can go with you. If you are an active person, wether it be hiking, walking the sea wall in Carlsbad, going to dog beach, or a triathlete training for your first or 50th triathlon, you can have the dog you dreamed of with a little help from K9 Coach and an exclusive dog training camp.

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