Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dog Problems? Going Mental On Training Your Dog

It’s true that more Americans than not have a dog at home. The exact statistics go between 60-70%. That’s a lot of dogs. Being in the dog world so much I always find it interesting to find out just why people have a dog. There are many reasons why people have dogs in thier lives but the overwhelmingly popular answer is simply for companionship.

For the most part it usually works out as the greatest companion one could ever have... you know, walk through the door after battling traffic or dealing with computer software wars all day to the dog that’s looking at you with a big smile and a tail wagging so hard one cannot stop themselves from that moment of “wow, its nice to have someone so happy to see me.”

However, as a dog trainer I do hear the stories about how the family dog is about to drive you right over the edge with dog problems. Coming home to a chewed shoes, an armless couch, or the sprinkler system made instant fountain by the dog is enough to send anyone to tears after dealing with the rat race of a busy overwhelming day.

The joy in that for me is so many people have come to me with this love hate relationship with the their dog because of problems that a proper training program could fix quickly. Years ago I decided to have dog camps rather than do a bunch of private lessons just for the number of people coming to me who in fact have a dog, but have a life of work, family, and maybe time for a few other interests but the dog training escaped them.

Companionship in any relationship does require harmony and a chewing, barking, jumping dog doesn’t add to anything along the lines fo harmony. Like most people, I like my own dogs to be able to go and do the fun things that I can get out and do. Especially living in a place like San Diego. Trails, beaches, outdoor restaurants and so many other dog friendly things to do... but if you have a dog that is so unruly you can’t go anywhere with him... the comapaniship starts to drive you mentally batty and another thing that really should be quite joyous goes to the wayside.

Dog training camps are designed to get your dog out in public so it becmes normal behavior. As well, the camp is designed to train your dog to live in the house with all the nice house rules you would like. It is why our exclusive dog camp is a bit different and why it’s become in such high demand.

The difference is only taking one or two dogs at a time, and then living with your dog 24/7 just as if it were one of our own dogs. Beleive me the success rate goes way up... which is another reason to keep our dog training boot camps as exclusive as possible. A dog that went to training that isn’t trained just isn’t going to ever be part of our program!

So if its’ puppy potty training, house breaking, barking, jumping, pulling on the leash, or a dog that just doesn’t seem to know how to play well with others, consider checking out San Diego’s best dog training camp! A happy dog makes our day... but the happy owner makes the joy of success top priority in our programs.

K9 Coach dog training services San Diego, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Vista, Temecula, CA.
Exlcusive training for your dog, exlusive private website for immediate help afterwards are only a couple of the things you’ll find beyond the normal in dog training programs.

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