Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Changing Your Dog's Bad Habits

Dogs have bad habits. People have bad habits. Only one way to change that, practice a new habit. Problem is with dogs, they don't even get that its a bad habit!

Many dog owners have irritation over a bad habit but don't really know what to do to change it. And if you've ever tried and had no result it gets even more irritating, yet the idea of fixing it gets to be further in the back of your mind as one of those things that just can't be dealt with.

Join us for our live web broadcast tonight on "Changing your Dog's Bad Habits" with Jt Clough of K9 Coach & Robin MacFarlane of That's My Dog. Since dogs don't think like humans or learn like humans coming and finding out how to communicate so they "get it" better could be the best thing you do for yourself today... this week, or maybe even this month.

We'll even answer your dog training questions live!

You can find our dog training web broadcast at (click on the paw for the screen to pop up) We'll be on at 5 pm pst, 7 pm cst, 8 pm est.

At K9 Coach here in San Diego we have exclusive dog training boot camps available for dogs with bad habits or who just need obedience. We also have an online dog training program done with That's My Dog of Wisconsin available for those who want the private dog training class to come right to your home no matter where you are, what time it is, or what kind of dog you have.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

San Diego Off Leash - Dog Friendly Places

Lets face it... there is a reason we live in San Diego. We like to go out and do things and the weather is a huge factor for that. It’s also why dog ownership is absolutely huge in San Diego. There are tons of dog friendly places to take your best friend out and have some fun including a few places called Dog Beach.

That being said, many times we still as humans get caught up in the hustle bustle of every day life and forget to find new places to get out and have some fun with your dog. As part of K9 Coach Dog Training Camps we are real advocates of being able to take your dog out off leash and be completely comfortable even in a new area that your dog is not only going to have a really great time, but will come back when called no matter what sort of distraction might come up.

We use new areas as training ground because it’s fun for the dog, it training that is invaluable for anyone’s best friend dog, and quite frankly getting out and then being able to tell other people where they can go and have just as much fun is an awesome place to be everyday.

Here are a few dog friendly parks and beaches in the San Diego area to take your dog.

Dog Beach - Ocean Beach

This is the original Dog Beach and one of the most popular places to take your dog. Dog Beach is located in northern Ocean Beach and is at the west end of the San Diego River Floodway. Locals are known to call it the Ocean Beach Flood Control Channel. Lots of sand and the draw of the ocean waves that roll in with plenty of room for romping, this is a way cool place to bring your dog and have a great time off leash.

Fiesta Island - Mission Bay

Fiesta Island is large sandy Island which is part of Mission Bay. Dogs can be off leash and have tons of sand dunes and the small easy waves that roll in off of Mission Bay creating a perfect beach to romp and play in and on. A game of fetch out of the water is perfect for any dog who loves water here.

Morley Field – Balboa Park

This leash free area is on the east side of Balboa Park, northwest of the tennis courts. For those people who are adventurous themselves there is also a disc golf course within Morley Field that is dog friendly as well. Way cool.

Dog Beach – Coronado

Coronado is known for its beautiful scenes and the Dog Beach in Coronado only adds to the mystique that many come to visit for an afternoon or a weekend. Dogs are allowed off leash at the most Northern end next to the Naval Air Station on Ocean Blvd near Sunset Park.

Dog Beach – Del Mar

An awesome North County San Diego place to bring your dog, but beware that it is seasonal and off leash for dogs September to June. The summer time it not off leash though as dog people we don’t understand why since there are many, many other beach for kids and people all around. Oh well, enjoy it the months it is open to leash free dogs. It’s fun with lots of sand and big waves rolling in. Plenty of dogs enjoy chasing balls, sticks & toys in and out of the water in the Del Mar location.

There are many more, these are a few of the big dog friendly places you shouldn’t miss if you live in San Diego on a regular basis. Remember to be a responsible dog owner and pick up and “piles” your dog might create outdoors and get out and have some fun with your dog.

Jt Clough is owner of K9 Coach and provides help for you and your dog from potty training, house breaking, private lessons, dog training camps, & online dog training programs. We service the San Diego area including but not limited to LaJolla, Del Mar, Solona Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, & Temecula, CA.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Do’s & Don’t z For Valentine’s Day And Your Dog

It’s the big warm fuzzy day .... Valentine’s Day. And because it such a warm fuzzy day and dogs have become such a part of our families they are becoming part of our Valentine Day celebrations as well. Especially since our dogs are so easy to love.

Chocolate and Valentines Day seem to go hand and hand. But chocolate is a no no for the your best friend with paws. So make sure to keep it out of reach. Don’t leave it sitting on the coffee table where you opened it, on the kitchen counter where your dog can stretch and reach it, and don’t give it to your dog as a little treat!

Should your dog get a hold of it, best thing to do is... get to the vet. Period.

Next on the list, cut flowers. Doesn’t matter if you are chick or a dude... we love to get fresh flowers and Valentines Day is big on it. Once again though, it might not be such a great thing for your dog. Though the intent was not to have the dog eat the flowers, (and we can talk about some basic training to avoid this later) sometimes it does happen.

So again, keep the fabulous flower arrangement out of reach of the dog. Some flowers are actually toxic to dogs. And some are just harmful for the digestive system. Most roses have been de-thorned but not always. Should your dog get a hold of the roses and herk down the whole thing.... the thorns can be not only painful but could do damage to the stomach lining or intestines.

Valentines flowers have branched out from just roses so a few other flowers that can be down right toxic to dogs are gladiolas, daffodils, foxglove, jessamine, hyacinth, jasmine, narcissus, and tulips. This is not a complete list so should your dog get a hold of the flowers and starts showing symptoms again get to your vet quickly.

Minor symptoms are upset stomach, lethargy, mouth irritation, and skin irritation. These may not need the full on vet visit but you should be aware of it and take measures should these symptoms get worse.

More severe symptoms are liver failure, shock, seizures, severe diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, and hallucinations. These require the assistance of your vet right away.

The do’s for your dog. Get them cool dog treats made for dogs. Toys that can’t be torn apart and digested. I tend to shy away from stuffed animals simply because many dogs to shred them for the squeaky but eat the stuffing along the way... like my labrador retriever! If you are making a special dinner for your loved one, throw on a chicken breast and cut it up for a great special Valentine treat for your dog. That will produce big wags I guarantee it.

Even better, your dog will love a nice outing. Go for a nice walk with your Sweetie and your best friend dog. The outdoors, fresh air, nice conversation and big wag can be an invaluable gift for everyone.

K9 Coach designs exclusive dog training camps for your dog in the San Diego and Temecula, CA with a location in Taos, NM. Visit our website at for more information and follow us on Twitter for fun dog photos, training tips & cool dog news at

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Potty Training House Breaking Free E-Book For Your Puppy or Older Dog

It’s way up there on the list of calls that we take as professional dog trainers here in San Diego. “My dog pees in the house and I don’t know what to do.”

One of the most frustrating things for people is feeling like the dog should know this one from the many things you have tried, and yet it keeps happening. Its really hard not to get mad at the dog. And yet in many cases its just a step in the training that is missed, or often people try to get the puppy to logic this whole thing out... which seems entirely possible to most people but simply does not work in a puppy’s thought process!

Many of the dogs who have come to K9 Coach Dog Training Camp have come for obedience training, but they have also come because the owner simply wants potty training that works. Since in the beginning supervision and then more supervision, along with a sequence of repetitive house breaking rules are practice the success rate is astoundingly awesome. And our clients absolutely love that!

The cost of cleaning the carpet, getting a new chair because of leg lifting, or even having to go to the point of replacing entire rooms of carpet to eliminate the smell of urine gets extremely costly. House training at our San Diego Dog Training Camp has been cost effective in a quick amount of time, not to mention the warm fuzzy feelings for your puppy come back quickly when the fear of that cute thing peeing in the house goes away!

We have an instructional e-book on how to potty train or house training for your puppy or dog which will be out soon if you are the person who can give the time and effort to get it done properly. We’d love to help you out with that and if you want a copy please contact us here and put “Potty Training E-Book” in the subject line.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dog Problems? Going Mental On Training Your Dog

It’s true that more Americans than not have a dog at home. The exact statistics go between 60-70%. That’s a lot of dogs. Being in the dog world so much I always find it interesting to find out just why people have a dog. There are many reasons why people have dogs in thier lives but the overwhelmingly popular answer is simply for companionship.

For the most part it usually works out as the greatest companion one could ever have... you know, walk through the door after battling traffic or dealing with computer software wars all day to the dog that’s looking at you with a big smile and a tail wagging so hard one cannot stop themselves from that moment of “wow, its nice to have someone so happy to see me.”

However, as a dog trainer I do hear the stories about how the family dog is about to drive you right over the edge with dog problems. Coming home to a chewed shoes, an armless couch, or the sprinkler system made instant fountain by the dog is enough to send anyone to tears after dealing with the rat race of a busy overwhelming day.

The joy in that for me is so many people have come to me with this love hate relationship with the their dog because of problems that a proper training program could fix quickly. Years ago I decided to have dog camps rather than do a bunch of private lessons just for the number of people coming to me who in fact have a dog, but have a life of work, family, and maybe time for a few other interests but the dog training escaped them.

Companionship in any relationship does require harmony and a chewing, barking, jumping dog doesn’t add to anything along the lines fo harmony. Like most people, I like my own dogs to be able to go and do the fun things that I can get out and do. Especially living in a place like San Diego. Trails, beaches, outdoor restaurants and so many other dog friendly things to do... but if you have a dog that is so unruly you can’t go anywhere with him... the comapaniship starts to drive you mentally batty and another thing that really should be quite joyous goes to the wayside.

Dog training camps are designed to get your dog out in public so it becmes normal behavior. As well, the camp is designed to train your dog to live in the house with all the nice house rules you would like. It is why our exclusive dog camp is a bit different and why it’s become in such high demand.

The difference is only taking one or two dogs at a time, and then living with your dog 24/7 just as if it were one of our own dogs. Beleive me the success rate goes way up... which is another reason to keep our dog training boot camps as exclusive as possible. A dog that went to training that isn’t trained just isn’t going to ever be part of our program!

So if its’ puppy potty training, house breaking, barking, jumping, pulling on the leash, or a dog that just doesn’t seem to know how to play well with others, consider checking out San Diego’s best dog training camp! A happy dog makes our day... but the happy owner makes the joy of success top priority in our programs.

K9 Coach dog training services San Diego, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Vista, Temecula, CA.
Exlcusive training for your dog, exlusive private website for immediate help afterwards are only a couple of the things you’ll find beyond the normal in dog training programs.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why Dog Training Camp San Diego Has Such Impact On Personal Success

From San Diego Dog Training

Last night I spoke with a women about her Rotweiller and how she needed to get her dog trained, but didn’t really know the right thing to pick as far as training goes. As I started to get into a conversation with her about it I came to the realization of why I really train dogs.

I found myself telling her that everyone, including dog trainers have their personal idea of what they want their own dog to be like. Sometimes the expectations are unrealistic, and sometimes they are not. Finding the right fit might be a bigger task than one might think.

My personal philosophy is that communication between the dog and the trainer, and the trainer and the owners, all have to be part of the picture or the chances of success decrease dramatically!

One of the things I find myself practicing daily is being able to explain things so that real life scenarios immediately jump to mind... if it is something that the owner relates to it’s easy to learn and the defenses that come to mind like.... “I’m not going to get this”..... “My Dog won’t do that anyway”.... “I have no idea what you're talking about”.... or my personal favorite... “My dog doesn’t like that”, don’t take over your entire mind. Seeing what the real possibilities are for your dog have space to come into the thought process with just a simple different way to look at it.

Anyway, I was explaining that I like to train dogs by directing them into good behavior instead of waiting until the dog does something wrong and then correcting it. It’s such a different perspective, but it is effective... and it really isn’t that hard to do once your thinking comes around to viewing it in another way.

I love when I get the ahhhaws.... and then the conversation about what the Rotweiller is capable of learning with the right dog training camp happens.... it’s cool dog stuff.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Lessons Learned From My Dog

From Blog Photos

As a professional dog trainer I'm sometime asked what's the greatest thing about what I do for a living. Truthfully that is a difficult question to answer in a concise way since there are so many cool things about it.

Think In The Moment

Today when I was thinking about it though I realized that one of the things that is helpful every single day to me is the fact that my dog has taught me to think in the moment. Or at least be better at going back to that when I start spinning out about what might happen tomorrow... usually right after hearing some sort of news report these days!

One of the things that kept reoccurring in the many dog training lessons and dog camps I've done is how when I get people to realize that the dog is thinking in the moment, the clarity for everyone goes up.

Think about that. Dogs aren't mad about what happened yesterday. A dog doesn't hang onto yesterday so that right now isn't the best moment of their lives. You could have even gotten really mad at your dog 10 minutes ago and I'd be willing to be he's wagging his tail at you right now if you look over his direction.

It allows a dog to move on to happy times. The times that are right now.

Your dog also isn't worrying about what is or isn't going to happen tomorrow. It allows for some really great sleep tonight. Tomorrow each moment is dealt with as it comes... and for the most part with a big wag of the tail.

I find that when I live my days this way, things are much better. It's not that I'm saying not to plan for the future... but instead take this moment and make the very best of it.

That's the great lesson I've gotten from my dog and it's made life a very successful, happy endeavor... so far!

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