Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Potty Training House Breaking Free E-Book For Your Puppy or Older Dog

It’s way up there on the list of calls that we take as professional dog trainers here in San Diego. “My dog pees in the house and I don’t know what to do.”

One of the most frustrating things for people is feeling like the dog should know this one from the many things you have tried, and yet it keeps happening. Its really hard not to get mad at the dog. And yet in many cases its just a step in the training that is missed, or often people try to get the puppy to logic this whole thing out... which seems entirely possible to most people but simply does not work in a puppy’s thought process!

Many of the dogs who have come to K9 Coach Dog Training Camp have come for obedience training, but they have also come because the owner simply wants potty training that works. Since in the beginning supervision and then more supervision, along with a sequence of repetitive house breaking rules are practice the success rate is astoundingly awesome. And our clients absolutely love that!

The cost of cleaning the carpet, getting a new chair because of leg lifting, or even having to go to the point of replacing entire rooms of carpet to eliminate the smell of urine gets extremely costly. House training at our San Diego Dog Training Camp has been cost effective in a quick amount of time, not to mention the warm fuzzy feelings for your puppy come back quickly when the fear of that cute thing peeing in the house goes away!

We have an instructional e-book on how to potty train or house training for your puppy or dog which will be out soon if you are the person who can give the time and effort to get it done properly. We’d love to help you out with that and if you want a copy please contact us here and put “Potty Training E-Book” in the subject line.

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  1. Housebreaking is a 24 hour a day job! Most people don't realize it is up to them to get the job done, your dog needs supervision and direction at K9 Coach we have trained dogs who people struggled to train and their life is so much easier.... cweed