Wednesday, February 18, 2009

San Diego Off Leash - Dog Friendly Places

Lets face it... there is a reason we live in San Diego. We like to go out and do things and the weather is a huge factor for that. It’s also why dog ownership is absolutely huge in San Diego. There are tons of dog friendly places to take your best friend out and have some fun including a few places called Dog Beach.

That being said, many times we still as humans get caught up in the hustle bustle of every day life and forget to find new places to get out and have some fun with your dog. As part of K9 Coach Dog Training Camps we are real advocates of being able to take your dog out off leash and be completely comfortable even in a new area that your dog is not only going to have a really great time, but will come back when called no matter what sort of distraction might come up.

We use new areas as training ground because it’s fun for the dog, it training that is invaluable for anyone’s best friend dog, and quite frankly getting out and then being able to tell other people where they can go and have just as much fun is an awesome place to be everyday.

Here are a few dog friendly parks and beaches in the San Diego area to take your dog.

Dog Beach - Ocean Beach

This is the original Dog Beach and one of the most popular places to take your dog. Dog Beach is located in northern Ocean Beach and is at the west end of the San Diego River Floodway. Locals are known to call it the Ocean Beach Flood Control Channel. Lots of sand and the draw of the ocean waves that roll in with plenty of room for romping, this is a way cool place to bring your dog and have a great time off leash.

Fiesta Island - Mission Bay

Fiesta Island is large sandy Island which is part of Mission Bay. Dogs can be off leash and have tons of sand dunes and the small easy waves that roll in off of Mission Bay creating a perfect beach to romp and play in and on. A game of fetch out of the water is perfect for any dog who loves water here.

Morley Field – Balboa Park

This leash free area is on the east side of Balboa Park, northwest of the tennis courts. For those people who are adventurous themselves there is also a disc golf course within Morley Field that is dog friendly as well. Way cool.

Dog Beach – Coronado

Coronado is known for its beautiful scenes and the Dog Beach in Coronado only adds to the mystique that many come to visit for an afternoon or a weekend. Dogs are allowed off leash at the most Northern end next to the Naval Air Station on Ocean Blvd near Sunset Park.

Dog Beach – Del Mar

An awesome North County San Diego place to bring your dog, but beware that it is seasonal and off leash for dogs September to June. The summer time it not off leash though as dog people we don’t understand why since there are many, many other beach for kids and people all around. Oh well, enjoy it the months it is open to leash free dogs. It’s fun with lots of sand and big waves rolling in. Plenty of dogs enjoy chasing balls, sticks & toys in and out of the water in the Del Mar location.

There are many more, these are a few of the big dog friendly places you shouldn’t miss if you live in San Diego on a regular basis. Remember to be a responsible dog owner and pick up and “piles” your dog might create outdoors and get out and have some fun with your dog.

Jt Clough is owner of K9 Coach and provides help for you and your dog from potty training, house breaking, private lessons, dog training camps, & online dog training programs. We service the San Diego area including but not limited to LaJolla, Del Mar, Solona Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, & Temecula, CA.

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