Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Dog News - Tips from The Dog Trainer

It's Halloween day... parties galore. For people and many dog lovers the festivities include the entire family... dog and all!

Here are some great tips in The Week in WORST (Halloween Edition)

Enjoy your holiday and remember you are training your dog all the's just a matter of what you are training for!  

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baxter World’s Oldest Therapy Dog Passes On

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The story of Baxter is one that warms the hearts of even non dog lovers. Baxter was a 19 year old hospice therapy dog that brought so much light to the world it would be an impossible thing to measure. He was a special dog that started out as rescue dog and found a job and family that was an absolute dream of the best dog life ever.

Read the full story here:
Tribute to Baxter the World’s Oldest Hospice Therapy Dog

After watching the video included in this story it can’t help but make everyone want to give a little more to make those around you enjoy every day we are here.

The joy that dogs bring us is the unconditional love factor. It’s easy to overlook sometimes because its always there. No matter the day, the weather, the economic climate, your health or wealth, the family dog is wagging and happy to see you. Every single day.

Take a few moments to enjoy our life and all of those who contribute. Go out for a walk with the dog and take in some fresh air and the peace spending a little time with your faithful friend the dog gives.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

San Diego Dog Yappy Hour

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Hotel Indigo Tuesday 10/27 5:00-8:00
509 9th Avenue,  San Diego, CA 92101

Its the big week for Halloween parties and the dogs aren’t missing out this year. Tonight October 27 Yappy Hour presents the a Dog Costume Contest. You must be registered by 6:30 so get your dog Halloween costume together now and get yourself to the 9th floor of the Indigo Hotel tonight.

Canine Cocktails is held on the enclosed 9th floor terrace with treats and water bowl refreshments for the dog and a full bar for you. Overlooking Petco Park downtown San Diego, this is an event made for the city dog lover.

For more Halloween fun download stencils of your favorite dog breed for your pumpkin carving artist side. Have a dog pumpkin greet your trick or treaters this year.
Download Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils of Favorite Dog Breeds

You’ll find more Dog Friendly Events on our October Calendar

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are Tennis Balls Good For Your Dog?

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You just got home from a stressful day at work. Nice. Home. Even better... you are greeted at the door with a huge wag and your dog, tennis ball in mouth! Seriously you can’t help but smile. Play time. After all we all need to live a little more in the play moments like our dogs do so often. It is what makes our dogs so dear to us. Unconditional love and the insatiable idea of play.

Most dogs have a favorite toy and high on the list seems to be the age old tennis ball. Yet there is the concern that tennis balls aren’t safe for your dog. While nothing is absolutely fail safe, let’s take a look at the tennis ball and is it safe for your dog.

One of the big reasons tennis balls are touted as bad for your dog is tooth wear and tear. After doing a little research it turns out it might not be the ball but the dirt. Tennis players tend to get new balls frequently due to the fact that after a short amount of play the ball’s diameter is smaller. Tennis players will tell you that the racquet strings will quickly abrade the softer surface of a tennis ball which is covered with a substance made of wool and nylon or a felt type surface.

Tennis players who play on clay courts will tell you that the strings on their racquet will get worn down quickly by the tennis ball due to the fact that clay, ultimately dirt and/or sand picked up on the surface of the ball is very abrasive.

So there you go. It may not be the ball but the dirt. Your dog needs clean tennis balls to save the teeth! Or at least cut down on the wearing of the teeth.

Other considerations are if your dog chews a tennis ball to pieces and ingests them big danger could make for a really bad play session in the end. As well there is latex in the “ingredients” of a tennis ball and like people some dogs could have an allergic reaction.

So, ultimately it’s up to you to decide if you feel it’s safe enough to continue your dog’s obsession with the tennis ball or deprive your dog of the wild wagging that starts with a mere glimpse of tennis ball.

Should you be looking for alternatives K9 Coach dogs give a big paws up to both Kong Toys and Nylabones. Whatever dog toy you choose take the time to go and have some fun with your dog whether its a nightly game of fetch or a dog friendly event.

Article Jt Clough© 2009

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Dog Events and Activites in San Diego

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Is life any fun at all these days?  How about for your dog?  Dogs can teach us a lot in the simple fact that there is a wag in everything just about....

A simple spin around the block is cool and worth big paws up, imagine the excitement in going to something that really is all about you!  K9 Coach believes fit dogs are good dogs.  That means ya gotta get out and about and move. 

Dog training is really about what you do with your dog all the time.  Check out these dog friendly events and activities.  And Go Train Your Dog!

October 14-18, Wed-Sun, 5-11:00 p.m.
Wine Alley Encinitas
Bring your dog for a date night out.  Enjoy wine, cheese plates and more.  Free dog refreshments out of a fabulous dog bowl!  Located next to Giovani's 764 S Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024 For more info call 858-353-0888.

Saturday October 17, 2009 1-5pm
Pup Crawl
The Pup Crawl Featuring 7 amazing bars and dogs in costume, this event is sure to be Paw-some! Check-in at the Tin Fish then crawl from one dog-friendly establishment to another at your leisure. Socialize on the patio with other dog owners and soak up the scene! Each venue will feature a signature drink (like cosmo-PAW-litans) or drink specials. Local pup pleasers will be on site also to give away treats and other dog delights. Human participants will receive a Pup Crawl T-Shirt and drink specials. Costume contest judging from 1-2 at Tin Fish and sponsored by Muttropolis.

Sunday October 18th 12 - 4 pm
Southern California German Shepard Rescue's 1st Annual Barktoberfest
Markim Pet Resort, 4393 Carmel Valley Road, in Del Mar.  For the price of admission you get local microbrew, BBQ, traditional German deserts, vendor booths, raffle, demonstrations, and doggie lap pool.  Benefitting Southern Californis German Shepard Rescue.  For more information see:    

October 18th
MuttMile in La Jolla
Benefiting San Diego Humane Society.  1 mile walk/run in beautiful La Jolla starting at the park at 1133 Coast Blvd. La Jolla, CA 92037. There will be a costume contest first so dogs will not have to walk or run in costume.

Tuesday October 20th  5 pm-8 pm
Yappy Hour
Hotel Indigo, San Diego  Dogs and their owners are invited for cocktails, live music, and a view from the safely enclosed 9th floor deck.

October 25th 6-8 pm
Athropology Dog Costume Contest
Yep, that's right. Go to a Halloween party your dog is invited to and shop at Anthropology Carlsbad Forum at the same time. Get your dog costume now! Upscale Dog Supplies
October 25th

22nd Annual Hall-O-Wiener Picnic
San Diego Dachshund Club.  FREE Bring your gear and your costumed dachshunds and watch the doxie’s invade Balboa Park.  Corner of Park Blvd. & Presidents Way

October 25th
Ocean Beach Canine Carnival
By the Ocean Beach Kiwanis • FREE • Contests & parade dogs must register at $5 per dog for single dogs, $8 for groups or floats. Street fair and party featuring costumes, prizes, a doggie parade, and lots of craft items for pets and people. Santa Monica Ave between Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and Ebers Street. 619.339.0001.

Tuesday October 27th  5 pm-8 pm
Yappy Hour
Hotel Indigo, San Diego  Dogs and their owners are invited for cocktails, live music, and a view from the safely enclosed 9th floor deck.  Bring your dog in a Halloween costume!

October 30th 8:30am-Noon
Walk for Helen Woodward Animal Center   Cost: Collect pledges for walk. Walk with your pets, food, entertainment, raffles and vendor village.  858.756.4117

October 30, Friday,  6-8 p.m.
Halloween Doggie CafĂ© 
San Diego Humane Society.  Bring your friendly, on-leash dog to socialize with other dogs during our Spook-tacular Halloween event! There will be a costume contest with prizes for scariest, cutest, and most original dog costumes. Halloween pet pictures will also be available for $5. Dogs should be at least 4 months old and up-to-date on all vaccines, friendly and on-leash. One dog per human handler, please.. Complimentary desserts and dog treats provided. Behavior and Training specialists "on-paw" to answer training questions. $10 suggested donation for the event.  Call (619) 299-7012 x2230 for more information.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dog Training San Diego Update & Events - Kobi the German Short Haired Pointer

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German Short Haired Pointers usually have quite a bit of energy and Kobi is no exception to that rule. He’s come to his San Diego Dog Training exclusive camp so that he is very active owners can include him in their own fitness routine even more.

This dog can run. Fast. And though his triathlete owners are training for their next Ironman and can put some miles in, the speed Kobi has far out does the dedication to miles these two athletes employ. Kobi has a hunt drive beyond what most people can handle.

So what is the best way to train for this type of dog behavior? Recall. Recall. Recall. Kobi needs exercise on a daily basis. But he also needs to fulfill that drive to chase it down and do that he needs to be able to be off leash. In order to let him do that he needs to be able to come back when called, even if it’s a really fun squirrel to play chase with. That is what his dog training camp is all about and lucky for Kobi... he is doing fantastic.

If you have a dog, no matter what the drive is, teach a strong recall first and foremost. Start with short distances, say 3 feet and increase. Don’t make the mistake of trying a recall at 15 feet first. If your dog can’t do it from a short distance reliably, increased distance with distraction is impossible.

Next, take your dog a lot of places. For active people especially its important your dog understands how to come when called in more places than the kitchen to the living room, or the backyard to the dog food bowl!

At K9 Coach we are active, our dogs our active and we love to assist others with fun, engaging activities. This weeks on the list of fun: Pup Crawl & Costume Contest

Saturday October 17, 2009 1-5pm Pup Crawl
Featuring 7 amazing bars and dogs in costume, this event is sure to be Paw-some! Check-in at the Tin Fish then crawl from one dog-friendly establishment to another at your leisure. Socialize on the patio with other dog owners and soak up the scene! Each venue will feature a signature drink (like cosmo-PAW-litans) or drink specials. Local pup pleasers will be on site also to give away treats and other dog delights. Human participants will receive a Pup Crawl T-Shirt and drink specials. Costume contest judging from 1-2 at Tin Fish and sponsored by Muttropolis.

For more October Dog Activities and Events check out our K9 Coach Calendar.

Need help with your dog so you can go and do all these very cool San Diego Dog Friendly things? Exclusive Dog Training Camps, Private Dog Training Lessons, and Online Dog Training Programs.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dog News - Halloween Costumes, Pumpkin Stencils and Parties

Its October, Fall is in full swing and one of the best holidays is rolling around... Halloween. Its become a great time for the whole family including the dog.

Check out the cool costumes for dogs. You've still got time for your dog to win the best costume of the Halloween party!
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And the link below... you'll want to check this one out for sure. It leads to a free download for pumpkin dog stencils. Have the coolest pumpkin on the block and impress every dog lover out there.

Halloween parties abound for your dog as well... check out the October Halloween event calender also included in the link below... and have a great time with your dog this October!
Halloween pumpkin dog stencils - carve your favorite breed

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Now go out and have some fun with your dog!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October San Diego Dog News - Surf City Surf Dog and Halloween Events

Surf city surf dog

The Fall has rolled around here in San Diego and a fun holiday comes along with it. Halloween. Its become an event that not only engages kids, adults, but also dogs. Dog costumes, dog treats, and tons of dog friendly events.

Check out our October Dog Events Calendar for Halloween parties in San Diego especially for you and your dog, and check our blog often as we find new events we'll be the first to let you know.

Now, go out and have some fun with your dog whether it be at Surf Dog, Dog Beach, a Dog Park, or one of your local urban trails. It's good for you. It's good for your dog.

And... if you need a little help to make it a really good time check out our dog training online exercise programs, exclusive San Diego dog training camps, and private dog training lessons.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dog Training Camp San Diego Goldendoodle

Ever feel so excited about something or someone that you sorta shake inside? Imagine being that way about everything you see or do? That’s Chloe, a 5 1/2 month old Goldendoodle who has come to her exclusive dog training camp to get a grip!

I have to admit it is one of things that I think more people should adopt in their own human lives. We’ve become a society that is overwhelmed with information and not that excited about anything. So I guess it’s about balancing the excitement of being a dog and the overwhelming information we deal with as humans and bringing that to our daily routine.

Chloe is into her second week of dog training camp and is getting so much better. For her it has been about exposure to a lot of people, places and things. Being a puppy everything is new to her and living in an urban society of downtown San Diego during her very short life, her outings have been more along the lines of go outside to go potty, which has been a very successful endeavor. Now it’s time to learn how to be a dog everyone really does want to pet.

Her intrinsic being is that of excitement and keeping that in balance is what her training is all about. The intention is not take the beauty of her joy in everything away, but instead to learn how to bring it out in a way that lets her go more places, meet more people, and have the best dog life possible.

Something as simple as learning how to sit when greeting any person allows her much more freedom. Amazingly enough not everyone is a dog person, and even those that are don’t appreciate her little paw prints all over their work attire, no matter how cute she is.

My biggest advise to anyone that has an over excited dog is to teach your dog to sit for everything. The sit position is like yoga for a dog. It grounding and then you can move forward from that point. Coupled with enough exercise anyone can be on their way to well mannered happy dog.

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