Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Lessons Learned From My Dog

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As a professional dog trainer I'm sometime asked what's the greatest thing about what I do for a living. Truthfully that is a difficult question to answer in a concise way since there are so many cool things about it.

Think In The Moment

Today when I was thinking about it though I realized that one of the things that is helpful every single day to me is the fact that my dog has taught me to think in the moment. Or at least be better at going back to that when I start spinning out about what might happen tomorrow... usually right after hearing some sort of news report these days!

One of the things that kept reoccurring in the many dog training lessons and dog camps I've done is how when I get people to realize that the dog is thinking in the moment, the clarity for everyone goes up.

Think about that. Dogs aren't mad about what happened yesterday. A dog doesn't hang onto yesterday so that right now isn't the best moment of their lives. You could have even gotten really mad at your dog 10 minutes ago and I'd be willing to be he's wagging his tail at you right now if you look over his direction.

It allows a dog to move on to happy times. The times that are right now.

Your dog also isn't worrying about what is or isn't going to happen tomorrow. It allows for some really great sleep tonight. Tomorrow each moment is dealt with as it comes... and for the most part with a big wag of the tail.

I find that when I live my days this way, things are much better. It's not that I'm saying not to plan for the future... but instead take this moment and make the very best of it.

That's the great lesson I've gotten from my dog and it's made life a very successful, happy endeavor... so far!

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