Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why Dog Training Camp San Diego Has Such Impact On Personal Success

From San Diego Dog Training

Last night I spoke with a women about her Rotweiller and how she needed to get her dog trained, but didn’t really know the right thing to pick as far as training goes. As I started to get into a conversation with her about it I came to the realization of why I really train dogs.

I found myself telling her that everyone, including dog trainers have their personal idea of what they want their own dog to be like. Sometimes the expectations are unrealistic, and sometimes they are not. Finding the right fit might be a bigger task than one might think.

My personal philosophy is that communication between the dog and the trainer, and the trainer and the owners, all have to be part of the picture or the chances of success decrease dramatically!

One of the things I find myself practicing daily is being able to explain things so that real life scenarios immediately jump to mind... if it is something that the owner relates to it’s easy to learn and the defenses that come to mind like.... “I’m not going to get this”..... “My Dog won’t do that anyway”.... “I have no idea what you're talking about”.... or my personal favorite... “My dog doesn’t like that”, don’t take over your entire mind. Seeing what the real possibilities are for your dog have space to come into the thought process with just a simple different way to look at it.

Anyway, I was explaining that I like to train dogs by directing them into good behavior instead of waiting until the dog does something wrong and then correcting it. It’s such a different perspective, but it is effective... and it really isn’t that hard to do once your thinking comes around to viewing it in another way.

I love when I get the ahhhaws.... and then the conversation about what the Rotweiller is capable of learning with the right dog training camp happens.... it’s cool dog stuff.

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