Sunday, March 1, 2009

How A Vizsla’s Dog Training Camp Worked Out So Well in San Diego

Vizsla’s have become popular dogs lately. I see more and more of them and have certainly trained a lot of them. Yesterday on an outing to Del Mar Dog Beach I was amazed at how many Vizsla’s I saw out there. Vizsla’s need tons of exercise so I was of course happy to see them out romping in the surf and sand and spinning out some of the extra energy these dogs seem to have.

I’ve had the opportunity to train several Vizsla’s in my dog training camps based in San Diego and Temecula, CA. The cool thing for me is I get notes like this one all the time from dog owners after sending their dog with some bad habits to camp and getting one back that is the dream dog they had hoped for. This one was fun for me since I am an active person and tend to be very active with my own dogs & I just love Clyde.

“Brad has a calf injury and can't run.  The cool thing is that he can now mountain bike with Clyde.  I thought you'd enjoy seeing the results of your training!   
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Being the owner of a Weimaraner these breeds are dear to my heart... German Short Haired Pointers, Vizsla’s... that whole scene. They are breeds who do well with dog obedience and in fact don’t do so well without it, and ALOT of exercise.

Training Clyde was a blast. Living in San Diego people tend to be active like myself, Jt Clough a 9 time Ironman finisher. Active dog owners want to be able to go out and do all the fun things with them. Unfortunately, sometimes lack of obedience limits the amount your dog can go with you. If you are an active person, wether it be hiking, walking the sea wall in Carlsbad, going to dog beach, or a triathlete training for your first or 50th triathlon, you can have the dog you dreamed of with a little help from K9 Coach and an exclusive dog training camp.

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