Monday, March 23, 2009

Viszla Mix joins Rhodesian Ridgeback At Dog Training Camp San Diego

Ya gotta love Rosie. No other way to look at her, ya just gotta love her. Brody, the Rhodesian Ridgeback came to camp last week and when Brody’s mom told her brother about it, he thought “what a great thing to have Rosie (his dog) trained at the same time”.

As it turns out it is a really great thing. Rosie started a few days behind Brody but she has her things she is already doing spectacularly! This Viszla mix has different dog problems than Brody has, but training side by side each of their “deals” can be addressed. And since as a family they tend to hang together a lot anyway, all will be well for both of them.

Brody is a boisterous boy... Rosie a timid little girl. Rosie was a rescue dog... and who knows why she is the way she is but no time to speculate. Instead at her exclusive San Diego Dog Training Camp, complete with her own bed in the house, backyard pool, large yard, and plenty of trails nearby; she is getting new skills to deal with her tendency to break down in the shakes with the look of “oh my, I’m afraid and don’t know what to do” behavior.

It’s about building confidence and to do that we work on some basic obedience to take her through those times when life gets a little scary for her. Even though Rosie has an owner who has been very good about working with her on obedience skills before, she now is being taught how to integrate how to do things in a more relaxed state when she feels like the world has become a bit of a scary place for her.

Obedience is key, exercise is key, and having a dog be able to know what to do, even if its a simple sit in the face of huge distraction, or something that for whatever reason has become scary for her, brings a dog like Rosie the confidence to handle those things she melted about before.

As a general rule, dogs pick up on energy before they pick up on anything else. If there is one big huge tip I could anyone who has a dog that does the meltdown for no apparent reason, it would be to learn to relax and teach your dog to do the same.

Yeah, yeah, easier said than done. And even though we think we do that (relax), next time your dog either gets too excited or or appears to be scared, realize how tense you are in trying to get your dog to stop.

More on those skills in future blog posts... for now... no matter what your dog’s personality, think about what sort of energy you are putting out there by looking at how your dog is acting. To change any behavior start with slowing down, letting the situation not become so stressful, and letting everyone including your dog relax and settle into knowing what to do.

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