Sunday, March 15, 2009

It’s a Beachin Dog Training Camp

Omar, the Curly Coated Retriever is still in his first week of the San Diego Dog Training Camp as you see him here. Hmmm... the perfect setting for training. Trails and the beach. A little swimming, a little hiking. Not bad for a day of learning to be a good dog.

If you have been following Omar’s story, he was one to have freedom of the open space in Ramona not be open to him. For one simple reason.... actually more than one, but the point is... he couldn’t have the freedom of a dog to run off leash, enjoy the trails and the nightly run his owner takes him on because he’d take off in wild abandon.

The chase game seems cute the very first time, and then guess what? ... No longer cute. A real pain actually. So there this rambunctious Curly Coated Retriever was, tethered to an overextended arm that spent most of an outing with him just trying to hang on!

Dogs Are Easily Distracted

Really? Probably what every dog owner out there is thinking while reading that statement!

How did Omar start coming so quickly even an area like Del Mar Dog Beach with other dogs, balls, water, and people with treats around? It really started as simple as getting him to come to me every time without any distraction around. He started in the back yard. He sits. I get a little ways away from him. I call him to him. He comes. Over and over and over again. When he gets that, move further away. When he gets that add a bit of distraction. When he gets that add more distraction. Over and over again! Get it! Good Dog!

People tell me that if their dog would just come to them they could go a lot more places.

As with everything, we tend to try and make everything more difficult than it needs to be. Start with the steps above, and make it that simple. Too much distraction with anything that isn’t well practiced makes all of us fall off focus. Focus on the simplest way to get it done, then practice more distraction from there.

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