Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chula Vista Boxers, Dog Training Camp & Becoming Good Dogs!

The most important thing in a dogs training life: Recall. Recall. Recall.

What does that mean to our San Diego Dog Training Campers? The thing that we work on first is how to come when called, with leash, without leash, with no distraction, or with a lot of distraction.

Having a dog well trained means you can go a lot of places and do a lot of things with your dog. Cypress, a 5 year old Boxer who comes from Chula Vista has gone from doing whatever he pleased once he was out the gate, to coming when called in all kinds of distraction. And he’s done this without only doing it because there was a big ol’ piece of steak to lure him back!

It’s amazing but you can actually teach a dog what action goes with a word. For instance “come” means “move towards me until you get to me”!! It’s about consistency and how to help you dog see the picture in the beginning.

People get that confused with the lure of food. Luring with food alone is great for a beginning help process, it’s great for a reward but if it’s the ONLY thing your dog comes for... your pretty much in big doo doo when you REALLY need your dog to come to you and you don’t have a juicy treat in your hand!

For dog training tips, techniques, and tons of info to apply to how to train your dog at home watch our weekly K9 Coach Live Web Broadcast. 5 pm PST Wednesday nights.

Dog Training Camps in the San Diego
area for those who want a well trained dog are available by contacting us. We only train a few dogs at a time and in a real home living situation so you get to have a dog trained for your real lifestyle... not kennel style!

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