Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Your Dog Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Its a fact that there is a lot of “news” out there these days. And it seems that not so much of it is encouraging these days. Doesn’t matter if you are listening to the local nightly news or NPR; things seem to be discouraging. So I’ve taken it upon myself to find cool news about dogs to give everyone a break from the down feeling that has been going around, and let us all wag a little more.

Here was a story I find with some scientific study behind it to give a positive on daily practices.

Did you know that your dog can help you stop smoking?

In an unrelated study, in fact more of a survey, it was found that most dog owners would rather be stranded with their dog, then another person. With that fact in mind it makes sense that finding out if you smoke it can effect your dog’s health made a big difference in the decision to stop smoking or not.

This year the journal “Tobacco Control” published a study that showed dog owners would rather give up smoking for their dog’s health rather than their own! Wow! Kinda cool in a way... for us dog owners to think about anyway.

The study which included 3,300 participants showed that one in five would ban smoking from their homes due to the fact that second hand smoke was a danger to their dog’s health. 28.4 % said that they would give up smoking and join the non smokers side knowing that it was harmful to their dog’s health.

Dogs exposed to 2nd hand smoke can have health problems associated with it such as nasal, and lung cancers, eye and skin diseases, and respiratory problems among other conditions. Evidence published shows that second hand tobacco smoke can be as dangerous for dogs as it is for the non-smoking partners of smokers, a fact that few smokers realize. And considering a dog’s life is much shorter than the owner’s, the effect can be much more quickly realized.

So, for the love of your dog, get motivated to get healthy yourself and stop smoking!

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  1. I know my dogs keep my spirits up and make me appreciate life more, I can see where people who smoke would give it up for their dogs!..great article.. cweed