Sunday, March 22, 2009

San Diego Dog Training Camper Gets Big Paws Up

Why would you want to send your dog to camp rather than try and train the family dog yourself? Ask this family and they’ll tell you exactly why.

Omar is an active dog and so is his family, but to their dismay after many months of training on their own they couldn’t go out on trails, to the beach or any of the fun outdoor dog friendly places here in San Diego without hanging onto his leash, tightly! And getting enough exercise for a dog like Omar while being “restrained” on a leash because he would take off if you let go of the leash was really a counter productive feeling.

Being a one year old puppy, Omar needed to get to a place he could be a dog, yet have the training to come back when called, not pull on the leash to the point shoulder pain was a problem, and stop stealing things and playing keep away if he wanted to have a real life. After months of attempted training, the family decided camp was the answer. And wow, were they right.

Omar went home yesterday, and as his trainer I was sad to see him go because he was so fun to train. He just needed the right communication and days in a row to follow through with that communication. He got it. And his family is soooo happy.

The day they reunited we all went out on a trail... and when Omar go the “go on” to run free, then came back right away when called his family was overjoyed. They absolutely couldn’t believe it when he came back even with the distraction of birds and rabbits came along... his favorite to chase. The overjoyed feeling turned into pure amazement.

Omar rocked. Cool dog. A Curly Coated Retriever with a purpose. He’s now the dog everyone wants. It’s a great feeling.

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