Friday, April 3, 2009

NPR, The Family Dog, Training, & Happiness

From San Diego Dog Training
NPR tends to discuss stories that effect those in our communities we exist in a very real way. Yesterday NPR did a piece on the place the dog has taken in our lives, and clearly described why dogs have become some an important family member.

Dogs bring us so much happiness in times of uneasiness simply because no matter what your bank account balance says, or who you had to deal with today: the wag, coupled with the adoring eyes your dog has at the mere sight of you is no doubt a fantastic feeling.

We truly feel lucky that we work with dogs every single day here at K9 Coach for many reasons. We get the “looks” from the dogs that melt you. The looks that make you appreciate the small moments in life.... And we get the moments of people in our lives that are so relieved, pleased, and feel the real joy of a dog that is an absolute joy to be around even if they came to camp with a few bad habits, they always leave as good dogs!

On many occasions the quote “Investing in Dog Training Camp was worth wayyy more than the money in the overall happiness of my life.” What a greater sense of accomplishment can one have other than that?

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