Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dogs and The Good Life They Bring Our Families

The family dog used to live out side with a big bowl of food, usually table scraps, water, and a dog house. No more. Our dogs are part of the family. Our dogs live in the house, eat organic dog food out of clean bowls, and many even sleep in our beds.

The only question is how much joy they bring us due to house training versus the dog that is a thorn in your side at times!

Even that dog that has chewed 4 pairs of your flip flops... and that favorite pair really pissed you off. Has his own design in the frame of your couch and bolts out the door if it’s slightly opened brings us some sort of joy when we get the wag and big dog smile at the mere sight.

Everyone knows though that the “good dog” gets to do more and brings way more fun, joy and peace to our lives. The thought of “dog training” can seem like such a regimented thing in the midst of everything else we do in our lives, that sometimes it just doesn’t get done, and unfortunately in the end, everyone misses out including the dog.

So what to do to make it not seem so overwhelming? This dog training thing at least... well start with the small things.

If you have a dog that seems a bit out of control even though your love him or her to the end, and just want to start having more fun, start with a simple “sit” for everything. Sit to get a pet. Sit to get a treat. Sit to go out the door.

In your mind make it that simple. If it’s even for a second the “sit” will establish the first step. Build on how long you can get your dog to sit. Then start adding distraction. Most important, start with simple and follow through. And feel free to get a hold of us at K9 Coach if you get stuck and need some help!

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