Monday, April 20, 2009

Dog Training Web Broadcast Review

As a professional dog trainer my number one pet peeve is the fact that so many people “try” to get dog training for their dog and the dog ends up untrained anyway. Granted there are several reasons but many times the owner follow through just doesn’t happen.

When I think about the reason why that is the case, it comes down to a very simple answer. Dog owners are not dog trainers. And though going to a few lessons gives you some ideas, sometimes the follow threw is difficult, and the only reason is it’s very hard to get the continued follow up you need.

To solve that K9 Coach developed and online program for our dog training campers, and private lessons. A weekly live dog training web broadcast, along with a private online training site add that personalized, accessible extra that helps dog owners to get to the “trained dog” place they had intended on in the first place.

Here is a note I received after last week’s web broadcast. Such a cool thing... people able to get real help for their dog and have fun doing it.

Really great web cast, such good reinforcement for us "1st 90 days" peeps!

We were reminded, our dogs won't be perfect, they don't need to be perfect and this whole process is about us teaching them and ourselves to be a calm and happy family....that's so important to remember as its so easy to get caught up on reaching this end goal of a perfectly obedient dog.

We also talked about how to bring in new associations, the timing of the association and how to build advanced responses from a group of basic commands.

Also, a really good question was about what to do when other dogs approach when on a walk with your dog...key is to act early, get your dog focused on you get them working.

Finally, we were reminded that you can always go to your fail safe, the sit command. JT really works sit with all her dogs, I know Bear will do sit at some level of distraction and for him, being fear aggressive, that is really awesome.

Learning more and making the most of our first 90 days!”
Lisa & Bear

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