Monday, April 13, 2009

How To Potty Train A Puppy

Of all the habits that dogs or puppies do, the very worst seem to come in as not being able to get the “potty training” thing down. In fact it very well could be the number one reason dogs or puppies end up in shelters.

The rules of potty training are not all that difficult. Truth be known, they are very simple. It’s just that it is something you can’t let go for a day, or forget about as you get very busy with a project for more than a few hours.

It is as simple as confine your puppy when you aren’t able to supervise 100%. First thing you do when you take your puppy out of the crate is go outside to go “potty”. You have to be patient, walk around a bit, give it time. Should it not happen (the potty thing) you CANNOT take the puppy back in start playing or let the puppy have some “free” time... that is a sure fire way for an accident to happen and a very vicious cycle of your puppy going potty in all the wrong places.

If you puppy does do the duty, back to the crate, kennel, or the pup’s own little bedroom as I like to call it. Try again in 15 to 20 minutes. Lets say your puppy does go... cool... spend some time playing, a little supervised freed time, and just to be sure take your pup out again before resting time back in the kennel.

Always take your puppy out after eating or drinking, and after a play session. And here is a BIG one... you have to get up in the night to let you puppy out most likely several times at least through 14-16 weeks of age, depending on the size of your puppy.

Toy breeds and smaller dogs are going to go to the long end of that 16 week schedule needing to go out multiple times during the night. It is a huge deal and people do make the mistake of not committing to the sleep deprivation it takes to get a solidly house trained dog.

So, get ready for the big tip of the day... the smaller the dog breed, the more times you need to prepare to get up in the night from 8 to 16 weeks.... or uhhh probably 20 or 24 weeks!! :)

The good news: it will be worth it big time in the end, and the bonding with your dog will be better than you had anticipated.

Watch for more potty training in the moment stories as K9 Coach of San Diego is in the midst of puppy potty training Godiva, an almost 10 week old Pocket Beagle.

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