Monday, January 4, 2010

Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

If you think the family dog is just hanging out for the free ride, think again after this story.  Link below.

Our dogs provide the wag of our day without even realizing it.  For many, the best friend that is always there for them may not even be recognized but when it comes right down to it the truth of the matter is you can rely on your dog for many things.

Your dog can go so far as to save your life like the boy in the story, or be your best training partner ever.  Those who are dog owners tend to get a little more out of getting outside and getting active and the cool events that are available to with your dog these days are creating an even better bond.

Read the full heart warming story of a boy and his dog below:

Boy calls dog who fought off cougar his 'guardian'

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