Friday, January 8, 2010

San Diego Dog Friendly Events - Geocaching

A well trained dog in San Diego is easier to attain than many locations around the country simply because there are so many dog friendly events you can around the city.  As a professional dog trainer, my main message to people when they need help with an unruly dog:  Don’t focus on obedience only.  Focus on attention and activity. 

It makes it more fun for you and your dog puts a paw up quickly for this program.

When you are busy with your own career, household and family coming up with new ideas might not be on your radar.  Not to fear.  Click to to subscribe at the bottom of this article and you’ll get updates on new fun things to do with your dog, your family and your friends all around San Diego County.
Dog Training For Urban Living

This week think about Geocaching.  It will get you out to a cool new place you most likely haven’t been in San Diego.  It’s an event you can take you dog on and the more you get out with your dog, the easier the idea of training will come.

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