Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baxter World’s Oldest Therapy Dog Passes On

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The story of Baxter is one that warms the hearts of even non dog lovers. Baxter was a 19 year old hospice therapy dog that brought so much light to the world it would be an impossible thing to measure. He was a special dog that started out as rescue dog and found a job and family that was an absolute dream of the best dog life ever.

Read the full story here:
Tribute to Baxter the World’s Oldest Hospice Therapy Dog

After watching the video included in this story it can’t help but make everyone want to give a little more to make those around you enjoy every day we are here.

The joy that dogs bring us is the unconditional love factor. It’s easy to overlook sometimes because its always there. No matter the day, the weather, the economic climate, your health or wealth, the family dog is wagging and happy to see you. Every single day.

Take a few moments to enjoy our life and all of those who contribute. Go out for a walk with the dog and take in some fresh air and the peace spending a little time with your faithful friend the dog gives.

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