Thursday, January 14, 2010

House Training Dogs & Potty Training Puppies

How to Start the House and Potty Training Process

The holidays on occasion brings a new dog or puppy into our lives and is in fact a present that keeps on giving all year round. This gift is one that comes back to you with a joyful part of your life filled with a lot of wags.

Potty training or house training is an integral part of your relationship with your dog right from the get go.  It does establish that you are the leader and you are setting the rules.  It also builds a great relationship simply out the time you will spend with your dog while doing the initial training.

The first and and most important step to successful potty training is do not react ever to your dog if you did not catch the accident in the moment it was happening.

Lets face it, if you have a new puppy or dog setting the rules is something you have to do repetitiously until it becomes a habit.

Dogs think in the moment.  If you get mad when you walked around the corner and saw the nice dark piddle mark in the middle of your favorite rug and started yelling at the dog... 
but in that instant your dog has walked up behind you and was quietly starting into a sit... 
your dog thinks you just got mad for that.... 

the sitting at your feet.... 
not the pee all over the rug thats quickly turning to the unpleasant urine smell.

Ignore the dog.  And go about cleaning the area.  This is ultimately the most important thing you must do to move your dog on to a perfectly house trained dog.

The WAY you clean the urine is just as important as the timing you will learn in this 7 part series on how to house and potty train your dog. 

Urine has an enzyme in it that remains in your carpet or floors if you were to just soak it up, spray some cleaner on it, soak it some more, and let it dry.  Which is the common method of cleaning up the mistake.

Removing the urine enzyme is the most important part of the potty training process.

How To Remove Urine
6 Easy Steps for a Proven Method of
Urine Removal. Freedom is Possible!

Planet Urine - Do you want to stop your pet from peeing?

Click the link below to follow the 7 part series on how to potty and house train your dog.
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  1. All good points. Cleaning up is probably something most owners aren't really aware of. Puppies will pick up the scent of where they went before and pee in the same spot, so once that urine smell gets on the carpet, it's game over until you get rid of the scent. Good article.