Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dog Training San Diego Update & Events - Kobi the German Short Haired Pointer

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German Short Haired Pointers usually have quite a bit of energy and Kobi is no exception to that rule. He’s come to his San Diego Dog Training exclusive camp so that he is very active owners can include him in their own fitness routine even more.

This dog can run. Fast. And though his triathlete owners are training for their next Ironman and can put some miles in, the speed Kobi has far out does the dedication to miles these two athletes employ. Kobi has a hunt drive beyond what most people can handle.

So what is the best way to train for this type of dog behavior? Recall. Recall. Recall. Kobi needs exercise on a daily basis. But he also needs to fulfill that drive to chase it down and do that he needs to be able to be off leash. In order to let him do that he needs to be able to come back when called, even if it’s a really fun squirrel to play chase with. That is what his dog training camp is all about and lucky for Kobi... he is doing fantastic.

If you have a dog, no matter what the drive is, teach a strong recall first and foremost. Start with short distances, say 3 feet and increase. Don’t make the mistake of trying a recall at 15 feet first. If your dog can’t do it from a short distance reliably, increased distance with distraction is impossible.

Next, take your dog a lot of places. For active people especially its important your dog understands how to come when called in more places than the kitchen to the living room, or the backyard to the dog food bowl!

At K9 Coach we are active, our dogs our active and we love to assist others with fun, engaging activities. This weeks on the list of fun: Pup Crawl & Costume Contest

Saturday October 17, 2009 1-5pm Pup Crawl
Featuring 7 amazing bars and dogs in costume, this event is sure to be Paw-some! Check-in at the Tin Fish then crawl from one dog-friendly establishment to another at your leisure. Socialize on the patio with other dog owners and soak up the scene! Each venue will feature a signature drink (like cosmo-PAW-litans) or drink specials. Local pup pleasers will be on site also to give away treats and other dog delights. Human participants will receive a Pup Crawl T-Shirt and drink specials. Costume contest judging from 1-2 at Tin Fish and sponsored by Muttropolis.

For more October Dog Activities and Events check out our K9 Coach Calendar.

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