Monday, October 5, 2009

Dog Training Camp San Diego Goldendoodle

Ever feel so excited about something or someone that you sorta shake inside? Imagine being that way about everything you see or do? That’s Chloe, a 5 1/2 month old Goldendoodle who has come to her exclusive dog training camp to get a grip!

I have to admit it is one of things that I think more people should adopt in their own human lives. We’ve become a society that is overwhelmed with information and not that excited about anything. So I guess it’s about balancing the excitement of being a dog and the overwhelming information we deal with as humans and bringing that to our daily routine.

Chloe is into her second week of dog training camp and is getting so much better. For her it has been about exposure to a lot of people, places and things. Being a puppy everything is new to her and living in an urban society of downtown San Diego during her very short life, her outings have been more along the lines of go outside to go potty, which has been a very successful endeavor. Now it’s time to learn how to be a dog everyone really does want to pet.

Her intrinsic being is that of excitement and keeping that in balance is what her training is all about. The intention is not take the beauty of her joy in everything away, but instead to learn how to bring it out in a way that lets her go more places, meet more people, and have the best dog life possible.

Something as simple as learning how to sit when greeting any person allows her much more freedom. Amazingly enough not everyone is a dog person, and even those that are don’t appreciate her little paw prints all over their work attire, no matter how cute she is.

My biggest advise to anyone that has an over excited dog is to teach your dog to sit for everything. The sit position is like yoga for a dog. It grounding and then you can move forward from that point. Coupled with enough exercise anyone can be on their way to well mannered happy dog.

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