Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surf Dog A Thon and Rip Curl Ricki

The Surf Dog A Thon in Del Mar, CA is set to go on September 13. If you are a dog enthusiast at all its something you don't want to miss. It's also something you can start planning on next year as this dog activity is finding its way into the hearts of many in our Southern California surfing community.

The Surf Dog Surf A Thon had several surf clinics so you could teach your dog to join the fun. Since we at K9 Coach plan on teaching our own personal dogs to surf look for videos on how to teach your dog to surf in the near future. Plan to go to the event this year with your dog and you can learn tons just by watching.

This year's Surf Dog Surf A Thon also brought out a dog named Rip Curl Ricki. Not only can this Golden Retriever surf but she's part of a team bringing a community effort to a 15 year old boy named Patrick that is as heart warming as a story of boy and his dog can be.

Patrick is a quadriplegic and is quite active. He's able to surf with an adaptive board and Rip Curl Ricki has teamed up with him as tandem surf partner to help raise awareness as well as raise money for Patrick's own service dog.

Find out more about Patrick and Rip Curl and their surfing in this article. Incredible Tandem Surf Team: 15 Year Old Quadriplegic Surfs with Golden Retriever

September is an awesome month to get out and have some fun with your dog. Del Mar Dog Beach is the place!

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