Monday, August 24, 2009

San Diego Puppy Training: Godiva Update

Godiva, a Pocket Beagle was given the most fabulous start in life as her owners had been through a past dog experience they didn’t want to relive. Off to camp she went as a puppy and the payoff has been huge.

Potty training and basic commands she has down and she’s only 8 months old now. Her family has four small children so nipping and unruly behavior around the kids was something that was really important to the parents. Godiva was socialized as a puppy and because of her early exposure and training she’s very well mannered even around a lot of little hands, food, toys, and noise.

As with anything in life there is alway a balance that needs to be maintained. Too many rules and one is set up for failure. Not enough rules and chaos takes over. With Godiva the fine balance is still in the achievement mode where she’s very much so still a puppy but is able to follow direction and contain herself when it’s appropriate.

Quite frankly I think she’s one of the coolest dogs in the world (other than my own of course). She’s had many pictures on Facebook and Twitter and several blog post written about her. She’s got a following of her own. If she were mine I think she’d have her very own Twitter account!

Great news for those who have followed her... she’s coming back to K9 Coach Dog Training Camp! So more pictures and videos to follow. How exciting for us all. You may be wondering however why she is coming back to camp if she is so well behaved at such a young age.

The answer is two fold. Her family is taking a vacation and rather than board her they’ve decided to give her the chance to learn even more things. Since her breed is actually from the hound dog classification which means she likes to work and she’s got tons of potential, teaching her some very cool things is on the horizon. Secondly, Jt Clough, owner and professional trainer of K9 Coach San Diego is heading out to That’s My Dog in Wisconsin to teach an Advanced Dog Trainers Course and the dog thats going with her as the demonstration dog.... yep, you got it. Godiva.

Follow Godiva on Twitter at and click the link below to become a fan of K9 Coach Facebook.

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