Thursday, September 17, 2009

Godiva’s Great Adventure - Dog Training Camp 3

Godiva, a Pocket Beagle has been on the adventure of her life and honestly an adventure most dogs never get the chance to be a part of. She’s came to San Diego Dog Training Camp 3 as a way to move her along in her obedience while her family went on a vacation.

As part of her camp and on upon agreement with her owner, she came to Wisconsin with me as I am the co-instructor with Robin MacFarlane for an Advanced Dog Trainers Personal Development course. She’s been with me through a flight (small enough to fit under the seat), new living space for her, meeting other dog trainer’s dogs and has been very well behaved in front of a group of people sitting on her special little dog bed while I present.

As a city girl, seeing cows was a real surprise and we’ll try to get the photos of her checking out the toads at night too. Very funny stuff. If dogs could talk I’m sure she would give you an account of her many other experience from a dog that stands less than a foot high!

The exposure at her age makes for a well rounded dog with the ability to adapt. It a part of dog training that gets consistently overlooked.

For now enjoy her cow video. We are off to the E Palooza 5 with more presenters coming in, many trainers from around the country and a good time for both professional dog trainers, dog enthusiasts and the dogs that accompany them in life.

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