Saturday, June 13, 2009

San Diego Dog & Puppy Training Tip: How To Walk 2 Dogs On Leash

As a professional dog trainer I get common questions about how to get dogs to do certain things. One of the biggies is getting a dog to walk on a leash without pulling. Even more challenging, yet more common is “How do I get 2 dogs to walk on a leash together without pulling?”

It is challenging, but my tip for this dog training problem is first chunk it down, and by that I mean, start with one dog at a time. If your dogs cannot walk separately without leash pulling, the hope that they can walk together without pulling is going to equate to exactly none!

One of the biggest mistakes I see when trying to leash walk a dogs is simply too much leash. It’s sort of like the old cliche if you given an inch, they’ll take a mile. As the leash goes, if you let your dog have all of a 6 foot leash, guess what? Yep, your dog or dogs will be out at the end of it, trying to get just a little more.

Give your dogs enough leash to walk comfortably by your side without tripping you up, and teach them that this is the picture you want them to have. You’ll stop them from getting so distracted with all the smells they can reach 6 feet away and start getting them to pay attention to the job at hand, walking by your side without pulling.

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