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Dog Names 2009 Most Unusual

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Giving your dog a name has some sort of meaning usually tied to your interests or personality. Often times the first name given to a dog doesn’t stick after the traits of both the owner and the dog begin to develop and a new name just sort of develops.

Shelter dogs come with a name that could have been given by the original owner or by the shelter staff. Sometimes it fits the dog, sometimes it’s way off. There is absolutely nothing wrong with renaming a dog. Dogs live absolutely in the moment and aren’t going to dwell on what their name used to be. Quite frankly I think people should adopt this behavior more often as well!

Discovering the right name for your dog sometimes comes easily and creatively and sometimes takes some pondering. If you aren’t in the creative mood a list of dog names can spur you on to the coolest name for your new dog. My dogs even have nicknames and as it goes like find like, many of my friends dogs have nicknames.

Here is a small list of unusual dog names that may spark a creative dog name, or add a nickname for the dog already with a name but full of personality. It comes from the VIP (Vet Pet Insurance) list of wackiest names submitted by their very own patients.

I Am Sparticus
Sargent Sausage
Blue Man Chew
Bam Bam Noodle Butt
Inspector Foo Foo
Motley Screensaver
Butkiss Hoover
Foxy Divaliscious
Einstein Snickerdoodle
Lady Obama
Catfish Bob
Buckwheat Yoda
Bunny Duty
Detective Frank
Alabama Whirly
Dr. Love
Tinkle Bell
Special Ed
Ms Noxema Jackson
Princess Babe Shack
Mr. Muscles
Low Jack
Buddha Pest
Hair Putter
Major Deposit
Drama Momma
Cowboy Von Dawg

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