Friday, July 10, 2009

Pocket Beagle San Diego Puppy Training Camp - Come When Called

The most important thing you can teach any dog, big or small, is to come when called.


Come here.

Come on’.


Let’s go.

Whatever you want to label it, the most important thing you can teach your dog is to come to you when called.

Honestly, when you really think about it, you would be able to call your dog “well trained” if no matter what distraction is going on, when you said, “Godiva, come here.” and sure enough, your dog with flopping ears, and trotting paws headed in your direction, away from the barking dog across the street...

Away from food.

Away from the neighbor’s cat.

Away from your shoe....

Training your dog to come to you every time is really about repetition. Repetition and follow through... every time. Consistency. Its a good thing to practice with your dog and its a good thing for you too.

It’s much more fun when your dog comes to you every time.

Godiva the Pocket Beagle is here for her basic puppy obedience training camp and she’s not only learning how to listen, but getting to do some real cool things along the way in her training.

Her agenda for tomorrow.... she’s heading out to Wags for Wishes.... watch other dogs play agility, flyball, disc dog, Rally-O.. and since she is a working breed... we’ll be checking out some cool thing she can learn to do for her way cool Southern California job.

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